WP-Walla is no longer under development! I do not have enough time to continue the development. If you are interested in continuing the development of WP-Walla i’m sure we can figure something out.

Download WP-Walla

Latest version is The WP-Walla plugin is currently available at WordPress Plugin Directory. Download WP-Walla


WP-Walla code snippet

If your theme does not support widgets, feel free to place this code directly in your template file.





Have any questions, suggestions or error report? Contact me at baronen [a] baronen.org or BaronOfSweden@ Twitter.


  • I get ‘Couldn’t fetch Gowalla’, what’s the problem? This is due to your settings for how long data is cached and if it has not fetched any data. Try to put the time of caching time to 0.
  • The time is wrong on my checkins As of version 0.5.2 WP-Walla uses the WordPress timesettings . Set the correct time zone in WordPress, for example Europe / Stockhom for Sweden.


  • Minimum time to cache data is set to 20 minutes

  • Fixed problem with PHP short-tags


  • Fixed the problem with ‘Couldn’t fetch Gowalla’


  • Get timezone settings from WordPress to set correct date and time
  • Added support to open Gowalla links in a new window
  • Now using cURL if available instead of file_get_contents
  • You can now choose to display a ‘Powered by WP-Walla’ link


  • Fixed an issue with long gowalla spot names


  • First published version of WP-Walla